What are the SPAM Settings for SmarterMail 4.x and higher?

Root Folder > Emails - Mail Severs

1. Login as the System Admin
2. Go to Security
3. Go to Anti-Spam Administration and click the Spam Checks tab
We also recommend that when assigning weights to the various SPAM Checks that you use increments of 10.
Declude (Leave unchecked if you not have Declude)
Low Probability of Spam weight = 10
Medium Probability of Spam weight = 20
High Probability of Spam weight = 30
This is a single Thread Windows client that can handle approximately 20,000 emails per day. If your server processes more than this you may want to use SPAMAssassin in a stand-alone Linux configuration.
Bayesian Filter
Weight = 10 (SPAM weight assigned to an email if it fails Bayesian filter test) Max. Memory to allocate for filtering = 10MB Message required for filter update = 500
Pass weight = 0 Senders IP is valid for senders domain
Fail weight = 30 Senders IP is not valid for senders domain
Soft Fail weight = 10 Senders IP is questionable for senders domain
Neutral weight = 0 No strong statement can be made for or against senders IP
PermError weight = 0 The SPF record could not be processed.
None weight = 0 SPF is not commonly adopted therefore, we suggest setting this to 0
Reverse DNS
weight = 10
RBL: SpamCop
weight = 10
RBL: SpamHaus SBL
weight = 10
RBL: SpamHaus XBL
weight = 10
Additional RBL’s can be added and weights applied.

See Also :http://www.smartertools.com/Portal/KB/a77/how-to-recommended-spam-settings-smartermail-4x-higher.aspx

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