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You can use commands in the Netsh Interface IP context to configure the TCP/IP protocol (including addresses, default gateways, DNS servers, and WINS servers) and to display configuration and statistical information.

You can run these commands from the Windows XP command prompt or from the command prompt for the Netsh Interface IP context. For these commands to work at the Windows XP command prompt, you must type netsh interface ip before typing commands and parameters as they appear in the syntax below. To run these Netsh commands on a remote Windows 2000 Server, you must first use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a Windows 2000 Server that is running Terminal Server. There might be functional differences between Netsh context commands on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

For more information on Netsh, see Using Netsh

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set address
Configures an IP address and a default gateway on a specified interface. Syntax

set address [name=]InterfaceName [source=]{dhcp | static [addr=]IPAddress [mask=]SubnetMask [gateway=]{none | DefaultGateway [[gwmetric=]GatewayMetric]}}

netsh interface ip add address "local area connection" 111.222.333.444

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