How to set CF7 admin api in Helm4?

Root Folder > Dedicated Servers - Windows
CF7AdminAPI Configuration IMPORTANT NOTE:- Make sure you are using the full version of CFMX. If you are using a DevNet Edition of CFMX, then it will stop the web services from running by altering the content header on each page. CF7AdminAPI is a web service API that allows remote communication with the ColdFusion administrator on your remote web servers. The CFMX7 version uses the new AdminAPI that comes with CFMX7. To configure the web service API on your server, the steps are as follows:
1.) Download the following archive:
2.) Copy the files in this archive into the CFIDE\AdminAPI folder on each of your ColdFusion enabled web servers. If the AdminAPI folder does not exist, create it manually. e.g. c:\inetpub\wwwroot\cfide\adminapi
3.) Edit the IP.cfm file and enter the list of IP addresses that should be allowed access to the API. The IP of your HELM server and/or global Administrator should also be added here.
4.) Now check that the web service is working by browsing to: http://yourserver/cfide/adminapi/adminapi.cfc?wsdl
where yourserver is the web server that you are using to host CFMX. You should see some XML displayed on

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